Its not just what you do in College

After an oddly mild winter in Chicago, Thunder Bay Chill star and NSR student-athlete Mitchell Osmond has been busy training and studying hard. Luckily, the soccer talent still had a bit of time to update NSR on his adventures.

Osmond was offered the incredible opportunity to play in the PDL (Premier Development League) after his determination to play football in the college off-season landed his video in the hands of the Thunder Bay Chill coaching staff. He is now entering his second season with the prestigious club.

“The PDL is definitely a much higher level to that of College. Coaches are looking for players that are physically able to handle the stress of such a short, compact season and stay mentally focused throughout. There’s no denying that the extra work has to be put in,” Mitchell said.

Long Hours spent on the training field

The athletes at Thunder Bay Chill are put through gruelling training schedules. Speed and agility training, field training, gym work, tactical sessions and recovery sessions are all part of a typical summer training routine.

“We have a very intense schedule this year, with two sessions almost every day and a minimum of two games a week starting at the end of this month” Mitch said.

Despite his busy agenda after two years of college education, Mitchell still endeavours to devote generous time to his studies at Calumet College of St. Joseph.

It is difficult to manage sport and study but the key is time management. Being able to dedicate enough time to the classroom as well as the field takes sacrifices, but if you want to be successful at both the work has to go into it,” Osmond said.

Knocked out of the play-offs in final 16, the Thunder Bay Chill just fell short of their goal last season. They hope to bounce back and make it to the Championship game this coming season.