With an extensive and impressive background in women’s soccer, New Zealand talent Sarah Krystman is now on the road to her future in the American college system!

Sarah has grown up playing soccer since the age of five and recalls fond memories of kicking the ball with her brother in the park, watching games and being coached by her father.

You could say it’s a real family sport, with Sarah’s older brother on a near-full scholarship to a highly ranked university in Pennsylvania. Sarah’s brother went to a football academy in Wellington for a year before his ambition to head overseas with his soccer passion saw him meet an American coach at his football academy, who helped orchestrate his move.

Sarah sees herself following a similar pathway as she shares her brother’s desire to travel and study abroad. She loves the idea of incorporating sport, education and travel in one extraordinary adventure!

“Being able to combine all these things is appealing to me.  NZ Women’s football is ranked 16th in the world, and the USA is number 1.  I want to improve in football, and be able to compete at a high level.

“Soccer is a pathway to many things. It has taken me to different countries, but never to the United States. I am also now old enough to think seriously about university and a career,” the passionate athlete said.

Sarah is no stranger to pushing herself and fulfilling her potential, with an extensive history of quality soccer in New Zealand.

Since her earliest stages of play she has graced highly regarded New Zealand squads and earned highly-respected accolades.

“In 2011 I captained the Under 12 Waikato/Bay of Plenty team to win the North Island championships.  I received a football scholarship to a High School at St. Peter’s Cambridge and I was awarded the golden boot for that year.

“In 2013 I was selected as the most valuable player of NZ National Age Group tournament for Under 16 girls.  In 2014 I made the New Zealand Secondary schools team and travelled to Australia where we played Australian teams on the tour.”

In most recent years, Sarah has been selected for the National Women’s League New Zealand Development team, been voted her school’s most valuable player at the National Secondary School competition and been selected for the New Zealand Women’s Under 17 World Cup Qualifiers team.

Sarah is on fire in New Zealand and is looking to broaden her horizons in the US!

“I love to train hard and see improvements.  I think it will be a big change from playing football in New Zealand, both physically and technically. I hope to gain more confidence, and be able to compete at a high level.

“I enjoy new things, new experiences and seeing new places.  I have travelled overseas to other countries before and enjoyed every minute of it.  I am looking forward to meeting other students, and the hard preseason training,” Sarah said of her ambitions.

Sarah will journey to the US in 2018, beginning her pre-season training in August and her studies not long after.

Although she isn’t totally sold on a career pathway yet, she has some ideas in play already!

“I am interested in science/forensic work. I am doing well in chemistry at the moment in school and I do enjoy it. I also think that civil engineering could be a possible pathway for me. I would love to head to a college that is great academically and placed in division 1 in women’s football,” she said.

In the time leading up to her US adventure, Sarah plans to stay busy, training like an athlete and studying like an academic!

“I will be training hard here in New Zealand during 2016 and 2017. I will also attend the NSR fitness programs (college combines) and will hopefully see an improvement in my athletic ability there. Academically I aim to gain good grades in NCEA level 2 and 3. My school is very good at giving me assistance if and when I need it with my studies,” the motivated athlete said.


Keep an eye on Sarah’s journey over the next few years, we are sure we will be hearing great things from her!