College Placement Packages

(Applicable for Australia. Please contact us for New Zealand Payment Plan)

Pay in Full

12 month Payment Plan

24 month Payment Plan

Direct Debit $3985 $361.80 per month $180.90 per month
Credit Card $366.78 per month $183.40 per month

At NSR, we understand that the US college pathway will be one of many options available for a student-athlete upon completing year 12 (year 13).

NSR’s College Placement Program ensures you will receive a fantastic college opportunity that matches you, based on your individual athletic and academic priorities and abilities.

Over ten years’ experience supports NSR’s ability to provide student-athletes with a quality US college pathway. Everything from Prospect Manager Communication to Student Travel and Itinerary Plans are involved in this holistic process to get you to college in the US.

NSR College Placement Services
The Services to be provided and the activities to be carried out and performed by NSR in consideration for
payment of the Charges, are as follows: (hover mouse or tap to view descriptions)

*12 & 24 month payment plans are available. Please speak to an NSR consultant.

Personalised US College Coach Connection

NSR’s Prospect Support Specialists will use your unique personal attributes to target, and connect you with the college coaches of programs that most accurately suit your academic, sporting, and social characteristics.
Ongoing US Coach Communication

NSR will provide an exclusive “Coach Communicator” service to all NSR athletes, including the Prospect.  Coach Communicators maintain personal phone contact with college coaches across the USA on a daily basis, specifically to promote NSR athletes in a personalized manner.
Unlimited Prospect Manager Access & Support

Unrestricted access to NSR’s Head Prospect Manager and Prospects’ Support Specialists, whose knowledge and expertise can help you to tackle any questions or obstacles that you have regarding US academics, intercollegiate sports, athletic eligibility, coach communication, visa and immigration questions, travel arrangements, and much more.
Student Visa/ Immigration Advice

Step-by-step guidance through the student Visa application & appointment processes.
Personal Web Site, Website Promo & Internet Exposure

Personal NSR website, profile, scouting information, statistical updates & new additions maintained by NSR & sent to all prospective sports-specific College coaches every month who also have access to the NSR website at all times.
Eligibility, SAT & Visa Advice

Eligibility, SAT and Visa advice once an offer has been attained from a US College or University.
SAT Registrations/Preparation Assistance

Step-by-step guidance through the SAT registration process & assistance in accessing online SAT specific preparation materials.
Academic Scholarship Search

NSR will conduct an academic scholarship search for you, which can offer significant financial assistance towards College expenses.
Travel & Itinerary Plans & Preparation

Itinerary & travel plans prepared for College departure.
Full Length Footage Transfers

NSR will archive & provide all prospective College coaches access to full length, running game time footage upon request from a College coach.
GPA Analysis

Expert academic assistance in GPA conversions from marks earned in the Australian system as compared to the American equivalent.
Performing/Visual Arts Scholarship Search

NSR will conduct a non-athletic/academic scholarship search within the College at which the Prospect has accepted placement, if the Prospect meets the criteria, which may offer additional financial assistance towards College expenses.
Athletic Eligibility Centre Assistance

Step-by-step guidance through the appropriate College athletic eligibility centre registration process.
My roommate/teammate Promotion

NSR will promote friends/teammates on the NSR Program to similar institutions throughout the United States if all parties express interest in attending school together. NSR cannot guarantee successful acquisition of such opportunities as the final decision regarding athlete recruitment rests in the hands of the College Coach and the College/University. All promotions are subject to academic standards, program needs, competition eligibility status, and technical ability.
Comprehensive Financial Aid Search

A comprehensive search for any and all financial aid awards, made uniquely available from individual institutions through academic grants, merit scholarships, international grants, tuition waivers, sister-state agreements, and institutions that may offer needs-based financial aid.

Optional Benefits:

Online SAT Training Platform

Access to two (2) practice tests on NSR’s SAT preparation software.
Injury Insurance

Refund of NSR fees paid (less 25% administration fee) if you suffer a severe injury that permanently sidelines you from ever competing in your sport in the future, ultimately preventing you from pursuing a College opportunity in the U.S.
Professional Contract Clause

Refund of NSR fees paid (less 25% admin fee) if you sign a full-time, Senior Professional contract before departing to the U.S. for College.
College Deferment Option

Option to defer College entry & continue to receive the benefits of NSR services for one additional year.
Athletic Development Support

Receive unlimited athlete development support from the NSR Sport Science Team. Our professional coaching staff can assist with any enquiry or questions pertaining to physical development and training.
Access to the High Performance Portal & Physical Training Programs

Receive unlimited access to our comprehensive online athlete development system; equipped with customised strength training programs, conditioning sessions, flexibility sessions, injury prevention programs and more. Visit the High Performance Page to see more.
Unlimited College Combine Access

Visit the High Performance Page to see our flagship athlete testing and analysis days in action.
Illness Refund

Refund of NSR fees paid (less 25% admin fee) if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and are unable to pursue an opportunity in the U.S.
Video Editing & Hosting (120 mins p/a)

NSR edit raw video footage and produce a top-quality, master evaluation video demonstrating your abilities, which may include: personal interview, skills demonstrations, show-case drills and evaluations, game or other competition footage, as well as graphics & background music to enhance visual effects of the video.