What ATAR Score Do You Need to Study in the USA?

In this weeks episode we talk about ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking) scores and how they impact your opportunities in the US. We explain what the ATAR is and how it factors into the US College Pathway. Do you need one? Does an ATAR score help? What score do you need to study physio or Medicine in the US? All questions we will answer in this weeks episode.

The ranking itself, the actual ATAR ranking, lets say for example: I receive an ATAR of 92.5, or 76.0. The actual ranking/score doesn’t mean anything in the US. It’s not like Uni admissions departments or coaches in the US are going to see your ATAR score on your
profile and be like, “yep this athlete can get into our school based on their ATAR”

Coaches aren’t looking at it, admissions aren’t looking at it or for it. It means nothing.

So, you do not need an ATAR score?

Correct. You do not need an ATAR score.

But, things that make up an ATAR score is what they look at in the US. Exactly. We have said this a million times in other podcasts and with the content we push out, all you need is a high school certificate. Whether that be with an ATAR, with awesome subjects, with whatever. As long as you pass high school, get your graduation certificate, you will have options in the US. But yes, it is what makes up your ATAR that schools in the US will look at.

  • First off, they will look at the fact you finished high school. That is obviously the first pre-requisite
  • Then they will look at your grades from year 9 through 12 and come up with your cumulative GPA. So basically, an average of your grades. Rated on a 4.0 scale.
  • Then they will look at the classes you have taken from year 9 through year 12, what subjects,
  • Then lastly, whether or not you sat and SAT exam or an ACT exam.
  • These four items determine where you can and cannot go in your first year. Not your ATAR score itself.

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