Why You Shouldn’t Use A College Recruitment Agency

In this weeks episode we talk about college recruitment agencies. There are hundreds if not thousands around the globe ‘helping’ athletes find opportunities in the US Collegiate system. When you are in the initial stages of gathering information about this pathway you need to be wary of what you are being told. We go over a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t use a recruitment agency. For example, don’t use a college recruitment agency if they say yes to all your wants and needs. They are not miracle workers and there are limitations to everyone’s opportunities.

College recruitment agencies. Let’s start out by explaining what they are?

  • There are hundreds, probably thousands of college recruitment agencies around the world. You may have heard of some, some may have contacted you in the past. Costs range anywhere from $500 to 2 or $3000.
  • All are different in a sense, but most of the time the services that they provide are very similar. The way in which they operate is very similar.
  • They gather your information to build you a website/profile, they may or may not edit video footage, then they place you on a database with hundreds of other athletes
  • Depending on the agency you may be placed on a database with athletes from just your country or region, and/or athletes from all over the world.
  • Depending on the agency there may be some sort of promotional service, but this is something you will need to find out.

If you are serious about this pathway, and you 100% want to go to the US, If you are looking at different agencies you will want to look at their terms and conditions, you will want to look through the services they provide.

If there is no promotional service that is specifically tailored to you and your academic abilities, your athletic abilities and your financial capabilities then that is a red flag.do something just because it is affordable or cheap.

There is a reason their costs are lowered. There is a reason our costs are quite high.

Let’s say I have contacted a few recruitment agencies, or they have contacted me, and I am figuring out whether or not I want to use their service. I am in the initial stages of communication, early stages of gathering information, what are some of the things I should be asking, what are some things I need to be wary of?

  • first off you need to understand what you want out of this opportunity. Where do you want to go, what do you want to study, where do you want to compete etc.
  • You want to ask them questions about you.
  • How are you going to find the right school for me?
  • I am looking for this school/division/area of the country can I go there?

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