International Scholarships

Many young people dream of having the American college experience but assume that it is a privilege reserved only for Americans themselves – and for a lucky few wealthy and elite students who are able to study there. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: the USA is, in reality, one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to international students, and plenty of US college scholarships for international students exist to make studying in America possible for everyone – not just the rich and exceptionally gifted.

International scholarships are therefore the perfect way for highly motivated young people from Australia and New Zealand to gain access to the world-class facilities and opportunities provided by American higher education institutions. International scholarships in the USA are naturally highly sought after and extremely competitive, but with the right attitude, plenty of hard work and the help of a professional service, you can ensure your application stands the very best chance of being successful.


USA Scholarships For International Students

When you decide to apply for scholarships in American colleges for international students, you put yourself up against a great deal of competition. It isn’t just the world-famous American student lifestyle that you’re competing for, but also the top quality educational opportunities and the matchless opportunities to network with existing professionals in the industry.

With your future career at stake, it’s important that you do everything you can to set yourself apart from the competition.


Our Approach

When it comes to helping you to apply for international scholarships in the USA, here at NSR we take a thorough and professional approach. With over 11 years of experience helping young, aspiring student-athletes from Australia and New Zealand turn their dreams of securing international scholarships into realities, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to maximise your chances of success. We’ll help you build a strong athletic profile and create video footage that will ensure your application stands out from the crowd. We’ll also make use of our extensive contacts with elite coaches and institutions to match you up with colleges that suit your particular skills, values and motivations. This way, we can help make sure that you’re successful not just in your application, but in your on-going studies too.

Once you’re accepted, we’ll continue to work with you to help make the transition as smooth as possible. We can help with everything from your training schedule to your accommodation and food, and it’s this approach that has helped us to achieve a graduation rate of over 80% for students who enrolled on international scholarships through us. So if you’re interested in learning more about international scholarships in the USA, contact us today and let us help you as you make this life-changing decision. We can help you with sports scholarships in number of sports including, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball swimming.

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