US Collegiate Sport Pathways

At NSR, our primary focus for the last ten years has been to provide a pathway that combines an elite education with a quality sporting opportunity for passionate Australian and New Zealand athletes.

With our new pathways to college opening up a variety of opportunities, our investment and dedication to college sport remains.

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Performing Arts

The performing arts is a difficult industry to break into for aspiring young performers.

The US college performing arts opportunity is a viable pathway and building block for

students wishing to further their passion and talent for the arts on an international scale.

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Study Abroad in the US

For a wide variety of Australian and New Zealand students, following an international education pathway is appealing.

Taking the opportunity to embrace a study abroad experience lends itself to future pathways overseas with career prospects and travel options.

Studying abroad in the US provides international students with a four-year academic experience, achieving a globally-recognised degree in the field of their choice.

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High School in the US

Attending high school in the US is an appealing pathway for many students across Australia and the US. With over 30 000 high schools throughout America, there is an opportunity to suit every student personality and preference.

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