Sporting Club & School Event(Athlete Combine)

Many local sporting programs lack the resources and time to offer their athletes professional performance testing and athletic analysis. For a limited time, NSR will be offering FREE Athlete Combines which include our team of High Performance Coaches visiting your organisation to deliver a fully structured athletic testing session! This session allows our coaches to gather vital information about your athletic strengths, opportunities for improvement team and areas of risk (injury) within your group (team, club or school class).

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Athlete Combine Features:

  • Movement Screening: Musculo-Skeletal Analysis for Injury Risk Factors
  • Speed & Power Analysis: 5-10-20 Meter Sprint / Vertical Jump / 5-10-5 Pro Agility
  • Aerobic Power: YOYO Intermittent Recovery Test
  • ‘Inside Sport Science’: Cutting Edge Athlete Education Session
  • Comprehensive Performance Report: Strengths, Opportunities for Improvements & Injury Risk

Teams, clubs and schools can access all of these above features or choose to customise the High Performance Experience to fit a specific schedule. Athlete Combine typical run time: 2hr
This service is valued at $100 per athlete but is completely free for a limited time.
Simply complete the registration form below and our coaching staff will be in contact to book your event.
Suggested group size: 50-60 participants

Individual Athlete Program

The NSR High-Performance Program is a complete physical development system designed to nurture and support youth athletes on a journey to achieving their athletic potential. Using cutting-edge monitoring and training tools, NSR can guide athletes to peak performance from where ever they are located.
A service which has been typically reserved for NSR US College Prospects is now available to any focused & determined athletes regardless of their sport, ability and goals.


2 times a year (during school holiday periods), NSR send out a team of experienced Sport Scientists to run a series of physical tests, assessments and information workshops in each state. The testing information gathered at these events is used to strengthen your profile website. It also provides a basis of information to which we can offer addition services such as flexibility programs, strength programs, nutritional advice and athlete education webinars.


Athletes will be able to join a monthly webinar with one of the NSR Athletic Development Specialists. Based on a specific performance category (nutrition, injury, recovery, sport psychology etc) athletes and families will receive cutting edge performance advice with an opportunity to ask questions live*.
*may be video for our athletes in WA & New Zealand.


Coaches will focus on several important training principles, techniques and strategies to improve the physical performance, health and well-being of our athletes. Sessions will cover topics such as mobility techniques, injury prevention routines, running/landing/jumping technique, lifting technique (strength & Olympic lifting variations) etc.


NSR will build a professional relationship with the athletes’ main external coach. Through a phone/skype call or email, NSR will liaise with the athletes primary coach to collaborate on specific developmental objectives and a training schedule.


Athletes will undergo periodic nutritional assessments. Feedback and dietary suggestions will be provided to those athletes who need to make significant improvements. Strategies will be provided to assist with improving health, wellbeing and performance.


NSR have developed a comprehensive virtual training platform that allows our Strength Coaches prescribe customised training programs for the athletes. Accessed via an online portal (PC and mobile friendly) athletes can receive strength training programs, fitness sessions, speed and agility training, recovery, flexibility and more. These programs are updated regularly based on communications and performance reviews.


Athletes will undergo periodic wellness and fatigue monitoring. A practice which is heavily used in college and professional sport; this will allow us to monitor fatigue, mood, motivation etc. Feedback and management suggestions will be provided to those athletes who need to make significant improvements. Strategies will be provided to assist with improving health, wellbeing and performance.


Similarly to the Sport Science Webinar Series, athletes will receive access to a series athletic development videos filled with useful tips, strategies and information. These videos will feature guest athletes and coaches from around the world.


Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect! Regular performance reviews are vital to ensuring the athlete is consistently progressing and improving over a period time. This formal communication process allows our Sport Science Team to review the athlete’s current performance status and implement any necessary changes, set goals and plan for the future.

Meet the coach:

With over 10 years of experience as a physical development professional, working with high-level athletes at junior and senior level across a wide variety of sports, Michael comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of Strength & Conditioning and Sport Science. Having worked with a number of Australian Champions and Olympians in recent years, Michael will provide an invaluable source of information and support during your preparatory journey training schedule and goals.