NSR College Combine

2-3 times a year (during school holiday periods), NSR send out a team of experienced Sport Scientists to run a series of physical tests, assessments and information workshops in each state. The testing information gathered at these events is used to strengthen your promotional profile website. The data collected also provides a basis of information to which we can offer addition services such as flexibility programs, strength programs, nutritional advice and athlete education resources.

Each NSR College Combine will include the following high performance features, some of which will be customised to suit the sporting requirements of that athlete. These tests and screening tools are considered ‘gold standard’ assessments across the world:

  • Movement Screening: FMS Musculo-Skeletal Analysis for Injury Risk Factors
  • Speed & Power Analysis: 5-10-20 Meter Sprint / Vertical Jump / Broad Jump / 5-10-5 Pro Agility
  • Aerobic Power: YOYO Intermittent Recovery TestAthletes who attend the College Combine will receive the follow: 
  • College Combine T-Shirt
  • Comprehensive Performance Report: Strengths, Opportunities for Improvements & Injury Risk
  • Customised 8-Week Training Program: Access to NSR High Performance Portal

Athletic Development Workshops

To complement the cutting-edge athletic testing and screening services of the College Combine, NSR offer an opportunity for athletes to physical work with their Performance Coaches in a professional training setting. These structured physical development sessions will take place in most major cities across Australia and New Zealand during June/July school holidays.

The focus of these sessions is Strength and Conditioning. Athletes will be exposed to training methods and strategies which they can implement in their own training schedule. The sessions serve to educate the athletes and provide them with the tools they require to become self-sufficient athletes.

The Athletic Development Workshop will be a half-day event within state of the art training facilities, covering topics and activities such as:

Speed & Power Development

Running Technique

Safe Strength Training Techniques

Olympic Lifting Progressions & Technique