mitchbarringtonNSR’s very own Mitch Barrington (WA) is excitedly gearing up to attend Midland University in Nebraska, USA in August! As Mitch prepares to embark on this adventure of a lifetime, we asked him to share the top three things he can’t wait to experience in the states!

  1. Campus Life –  “What I’m looking forward to most is probably campus life in the US. I’m sure living on campus with all of the first and second year students will be a lot of fun. Moreover, whilst I have played soccer at a high level in Australia, I have never had the facilities to be able to train every day like I will be at the college, which will be unbelievable and I’m sure will get the best out of me.”
  1. Environment – “What I am looking forward to most about studying in Fremont is the closely knit environment around the university and city. The school is a good fit for me, being reasonably small and personal for its students, while still boasting a hugely successful soccer program. I think the best thing about studying at Midland will be the friendships I make with the other students, especially the lads in the team.”
  1. The Trip – “I’m generally feeling really excited about the prospect of going away in three months. Whilst it will not only be a huge transition to move my life to the other side of the world, but also have to say goodbye to people that really mean a lot to me here, for the moment I am really keen to go over and start living and playing football at Midland.”