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Step.1 Complete a Free assessment to understand and explore the various opportunities with NSR to get to a US College, University or High School.

Step.2 We save you time and money  by helping you find the right US college. The NSR program matches your needs based on; eligibility and preferences and in addition helps source scholarship opportunities.

Step.3 Once in college, we’ll provide a support network to help you stay on path

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Why NSR?

At NSR we provide a new pathway for student-athletes to further their potential, academically and athletically at a well-established US college. NSR provides the perfect balance by giving your child the best environment to advance their sport, along with achieving a high level in education, that will help create an invaluable platform for their future. NSR aims to unite a passion for sport and education in one perfect setting.

For 10 years NSR has provided over 5000 pathways to US colleges.

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